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Models4Insight delivers versioning, branching, conflict analysis as well as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities to realize End2End Digital Transformation with your Enterprise Architecture models.

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Digital Transformation starts with full visibility

Reveal As-Is, optimize for
angles and step into agile Digital Transformation execution with a clear strategy.

Your model is the guidance

We combine the sheer potential of your models with data to create faster and robust analytics outcome.

Down the Digital Transformation Roadmap

All angles of Operating Model are masterfully knitted together in harmony of Business-Engineering-Manufacturing domains. With traversing through all the variations of roadmap while conducting impact analysis, reveals the most efficient and beneficial implementation step in Digital Transformation.


Data is only one dimension of true analytics

Data analysis without model guidance is severely crippling AI/ML outcome with not covering End to End business surface.

Ability to consume various model & data types

Models could be processes, applications, infrastructure and assets, including all relations, dependencies and interoperability with data coupling capability.

Current Models4Insight version supports Archimate, and next version will also support UML and BPMN/Archimate

Relating all entities in full topology

With Models4Insight you may easily observe the impact of any change on any level, whether it is transformation scenario, application migration, Cyber-Physical System re-engineering, engineering design & integration or just a part number change in a configuration design, and apply state of art AI/ML to find out the most productive approach.

Models4Insight components

With Models4Insight, Enterprise Architecture and analytics become available for everyone in your enterprise.

It becomes possible to apply and pro-actively guide different parameters on the operating model for the best outcome.

Easy Insight / Analytics

Intuitive interface for everyone to harness the power of models and analytics.

Manage your models
Merge with Data

Let your power users obtain the most efficient outcome, minimize the risk and deploy your models to portal.

State of art
model repository

Store different type of models, properties and relations to create the true single source of truth.

Use Cases and Capabilities

Models4Insight provides many different capabilities which could provide various benefits in every single environment.

Process Improvement and Cost Reduction

With Models4Insight digital representations of the manufacturing processes with regards to users, process, applications and physical assets, have been created. Using those digital representations, insight in the actual current situation and the ‘To-Be’ scenarios have been gained.

Combine models and data to improve analytics

For improving analytics first we Integrate existing data sources and create a custom Data Lake. This process is followed with merging with current architecture & manufacturing models to enable Models4Insight users to apply broader range of analytics capabilities to create better and faster business value.

Enterprise & Domain Architect Collaboration

With the branching and versioning capabilities of Models4Insight, unlimited amount of architects are able to work on the same master model with focusing on only their sub-branch. While merging sub-branches, conflict analysis is performed and integrity of the model is checked.

Empowering the business with models

With the portal section of Models4Insight, it becomes possible to hide all the modeling and EA complexities from regular users. In the meantime, empowering these users with the Analytics and Conflict analysis capabilities of Models4Insight brings the power of models to everyone in the enterprise.

Improve model quality with AI/ML

As every architect is capable of working on their sub-branch, they can also get direct feedback on the effect of the changes they do in the models. Smart AI/ML algorithms in Models4Insight could be used to improve the quality and context of your models.

Work with your favorite Archimate editor

Models4Insight supports all Archimate editors such as Archi, BIZZdesign, Mega, Qualiware, Avolution, Orbus, Sparx and Software AG.